9419105007_3f3475efb2_kYou cannot appreciate Filipino food fully until you understand the deep rooted culture and history behind it. The Philippines has a rich history, it’s first written document is dated at 900AD, it’s first Mosque was built in 1380, it’s first Church in 1571, and it’s first University came in 1595. Over 300 years of Spanish rule topped off with 50 years as an American colony has added to the intricate Philippines tapestry of Austro-nesian, Malay and Indo-Chinese influences.

Pepe’s Kitchen brings this colourful history to life through authentic and traditional Filipino food.

“The most important element to my food, is my memory. The memories of the way food is prepared, how it looks and tastes in the Philippines. The key for me is taking those memories and those authentic Filipino ingredients and techniques and using them in a different and more modern way.”

Taking inspiration from her late father Jose ‘Pepe’ Magnaye, Chef Mae Magnaye Williams serves up traditional, regional and street food dishes. Pepe’s Kitchen began as a catering company, initially produced Philippine Canapés for corporate and private events, but then quickly evolved into the UK’s first Filipino Supperclub and Pop Up Restaurant in London.

“Pepe’s Kitchen is about more than just food, it is about how I make you feel and the whole experience, taking you to a place that makes you feel warm and happy, just like my family home, I want to transport you to the Philippines through my food and dining experiences.”

Pepe’s Kitchen offers a Central London Supperclub every month, with Pop-up Events throughout the year, as well as, Cooking Classes, Catering, Private Events and Wholesale Food Orders. There are many ways to experience Pepe’s Kitchen take on traditional Filipino ingredients and flavours!

“I try my best to make Filipino cuisine appetizing to Western tastes. Philippine Cuisine is simple but full of flavours. Presentation is very important for the eyes then the taste follows, getting the balance right is Key!”

Mae was recently seen on TV with Mary Berry on her 2016 Easter show on BBC2 “Mary Berry’s Easterwpid-screenshot_20160323-111450-01.jpeg Feast”.  Mae showed Mary how to make a traditional ‘Lechon’ usually a whole hog spit roasted in charcoal. Mae’s recipe is fit for anyone who are willing to wait for a perfect pork crackling skin with juicy and tasty meat. Recipe here




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    Shirley Brooks
    03/09/2017 at 3:21 pm


    I just found you while googling where to find puto in North London. :-)

    I’m half Filipina (mother is from Bulakan) and American, living in London. I would very much like to come to your next Supperclub as I so miss really good Filipino cooking.

    Please let me know when the next one will occur.
    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,

    Shirley Brooks

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      11/10/2017 at 11:37 am

      Hi shirley, I sent you an email with details. See you soon!

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