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How To Make Adobo Paté

Homemade Adobo Pate

This would be my ‘go to’ quick snack or an ice breaker in a party. Before Pepe’s started doing Supper Clubs we only did Filipino canapes and this dish made a lot of heads turning for more! It’s simple, delicious and easy to make.  Perfect to give as a gift this Christmas or have it as a starter or appetizer on your dinner table.

wpid-cleanjars-pepeskitchen.jpg.jpgAdobo Patewpid-photogrid_1449226649714.jpgHomemade Adobo Pate

If you are thinking of making this it’s useful to prepare your jars or containers before you cook the pate. I gave this as a gift to my guests on my last supper club. I washed the jars and lid then poured boiling water to disinfect them. I then dried them on a rack upside with a hand towel at the bottom to catch the water. 

How To Make Adobo Paté

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  • 200g chicken liver
  • 60g Soy sauce
  • 30g white vinegar
  • 80g chopped onions
  • 1tsp minced garlic
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 120g unsalted butter (for pate)
  • 30g unsalted butter (to seal)
  • a pinch black pepper



In a bowl add the liver, soy sauce, vinegar and pepper. Leave it on the side to marinade for 1 hour


On medium heat sauté onions until translucent then add garlic for 1 minute stirring occasionally so it doesn’t burn


Add liver and bayleaves to sautéed onions & garlic keeping marinade on the side for later, cook for 10 minutes stirring occasionally


Add the marinade turn the heat down and put the lid on, simmer for another 10 minutes


Turn the heat off and take the bayleaves out


Using a hand blender or food processor add butter and liquidise until smooth


Pour the pate evenly in a clean jar or container leaving some space on top of the container for the seal


Melt the remaining butter in the microwave then pour it on top of the pate in the jar


Leave it on the side to cool then put the lid on


Refrigerate for 2-3 weeks OR serve with some blinis or crackers topped with some fresh coriander leaves!

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