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DSC_0165This is a fantastic opportunity for Pepe’s Kitchen and it’s our first time to hold a corporate team building supper club. We had a great evening cooking and serving plus, we met a lovely and fun bunch of people.

We served almost the same menu for our spring supper club.  We welcomed the BeeAd team with canapés,  Adobo pate on blinis and Salted egg on tomato & rockets while they sip on some Tanduay & Kalamansi cocktail.

After a few bunter with the chef about Philippines and admiring the views from our balcony we were ready to start the first course!


They requested a noodle dish which we served for starters. They had Pancit Palabok (vermicelli noodle in prawn & mackerel sauce topped with pork cracklings, boiled eggs, mackerel pieces and some spring onions). For mains they had Bisayan Humba (marinated and braised belly pork), Laing (Kale & butternut squash in coconut milk with hints of chili) and leche flan cake for desert (creme caramel with sponge base).

I must say all their plates were empty, it’s usually a good sign that they enjoyed their food or it could be that they were being polite? Either way i’ll take it as a good sign all around and be positive!

suppaWe would like to thank the BeeAd team (part of EBuzzing) for booking with us. Particularly to Adrian and Sonya for getting in touch with me! We hope to see you again!

This event was tailor made and customised for BeeAd. If you are interested to do the ame for your company do not hesitate to contact me =)

Here are some comments from the guestbook on the night:

“Mae, your food was lovely! Thanks for inviting us into your home. Highly Recommended!” -Guy

“Amazing food and warm welcome!” – Jean

“What a great night! Thanks a lot for  the lovely evening.”-Thomas

“Great food. Great Service. Great night!” – Ben

“What a fabulous dinner party! Amazing! Truly wonderful food and fanatstic atmosphere. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope to see Pepe’s Kitchen in Soho very soon!” -Pooja

“Lovely and Tasty dinner…coming from a French chef’s son, please take it as a massive compliment!” – Quentin

“A fantastic achievement to be able to create such scrumptious food! We all had an excellent evening and beautiful food. The pork was TO DIE FOR! Thanks a million!”  -Sonya

“Thank you for the lovely evening, tonight I discovered pork fat can actually taste amazing! -Lea

“OMG I love everything, the food was amazing and I will come back!” -Chris

“Absolutely amazing food, hospitality was superb and a great night. Must do it again!” -James

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