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Christmas Card Display: DIY


Every year we collect plenty of Christmas cards and sometimes we don’t have the space for them or you have very little spot to show them off. I definitely don’t have many spaces to put cards on display, if you are on the same boat as me or if you are looking for something a little out of the box this idea is for you.

Here’s one of the ideas I have on how to display your cards with something you probably already have at home. Christmas can be expensive I always try to same money here and there, I mean why buy something new when you can make your own!


What You Need

1 large vase
a few small branches
plenty of pegs
1 christmas lights

*You can add some pebbles at the bottom inside the vase to keep it standing and a cute decor if your vase is see through


How To Make it

  1. Arrange all the branches inside the vase
  2. Tie the bottom of the branches (just above the tip of the vase) using your ribbon of choice to keep the branches together
  3. Place all your cards on the branches using your pegs, arrange them evenly
  4. Add Christmas lights to make it festive and stand out

Here’s another idea using my Jacobs creek crate that was sitting there and not being used. My mother in law loves going to bingo and collecting tickets for some prizes, she already gave me some baubles and recently she gave me a bunch of branch lights/twig lights..not sure what it’s called. When she gave it to me, the branches/twigs I collected with my minions (my kids) in the park was still not decorated, I didn’t know what to do with it at the time. I saw purpose for them when my mother in law gave me the twig lights (I’m naming it twig lights) then.. ta da! Here’s another cute idea for your Christmas cards.


What You Need

1 unused crate
a few small branches
plenty of pegs
1 bunch of twig lights (officially called branch lights..I’m not far off haha!)
unused table runner


How To Make it

  1. Arrange all the branches inside the crate
  2. Wrap the table runner around the branches then tie the bottom of the branches with your ribbon of choice to keep the branches together
  3. Place all your cards on the branches using your pegs, arrange them evenly
  4. Add your branch lights in between your branches (from the park) and arrange it nicely

Here’s another idea I did last year with my minions, I love making Christmas decorations with them. Seeing them get so creative and having a great time doing it. I couldn’t do this display this year we placed a Filipino Baybayin on top of the space as we redecorated our living room this year. However there’s always a way but if you have an empty wall this is perfect and so easy to do.


What You Need

string or ribbon
red card
green card
2 nails
blue tack

*If you want a more elaborate holy please check out Bree’s paper holy


How To Make it

  1. Draw 4 holy leaves in your green card paper and cut them out (you can trace them with black pen too if you want), spread some glue and sprinkle glitters on them or you can get glitter pens for younger children put aside to dry
  2. Draw 4 circles in your red card paper and cut them out (you can trace them with black pen too if you want), spread some glue and sprinkle with glitter or glitter pens then let it dry
  3. Measure the wall and cut your string or ribbon to the length of the wall you want to display your cards
  4. Measure and mark the wall where you will tie your strings or ribbons then hammer the nails in place making sure that the nails are on a straight line from each other and not one side is higher
  5. Tie each side of the string or ribbon to the nails
  6. Glue 2 holy together and 2 red circles on top and the same with the rest
  7. With your blue tack stick each bunch of holy on each side of the string
  8. Now it’s ready for you to hang your Christmas cards!


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