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Filipino Lechon & Street Food Summer Pop up 


pepes-kitchen_filipino-lechon-street-food-pop-up_022_27388366246_oI’m a bit late putting this up, it’s October and I’m already missing summer! I wanted to keep you in the loop about my Lechon  (Filipino slow roasted pork belly) pop up & Street Food in June. We had 3 dates in June in different venues. The first date we were in The Dolls House in Islington then we moved to Trailer Happiness in Portobello Road both in London.

It seems that every summer I tend to do a lechon pop up which is great! (not complaining I love lechon too) This time though, it became popular after I went on TV with Mary Berry for her Easter show on BBC2. It was a very positive coverage of Philippines which is hard to come by for our community.

On the first evening I had 50 people waiting for their meal. I have to admit it wasn’t smooth sailing on thepepes-kitchen_filipino-lechon-street-food-pop-up_051_27422526515_o night but we got through it the best way we could, of course within our capabilities. The biggest hurdle we had on the night I think was that the kitchen is on the 3rd floor and the diners are in the ground floor. I was told that the diners will be on the same floor. It would have cut down the food travelling 3 floors down as the venue did not have a dummy waiter, so the waiting staff had to go up and down bringing many plates of dishes (btw 2/4 at a time) through out the night! It was a workout for them, if only you could see them, I felt sorry for them. The venue provided 2/3 waiting staff and I had 2 kitchen helpers in the kitchen on the night. We were capable enough to feed 50 people! Also on the same night the resident chef was using half of the kitchen which was not ideal and left the sink dirty full of plates. They did expect us to clean that?! Anyway many things went wrong this day, it might be a bad luck for me. Ok this is starting to become a rant… I will stay on the positive side of it.

pepes-kitchen_filipino-lechon-street-food-pop-up_043_26815460843_oLet’s move on to the next to dates, it went much smoother than the first date. Trailer Happiness is my safe haven, the staff are so friendly and kind working there is so light to the soul. PLUS they make a killer cocktail! Time passes by quickly because we are all having so much fun. The venue is a quirky little tikki place with a descent kitchen. The last 2 dates were lovely my diners enjoyed the food and cocktails. My kitchen staff and floor staff were all happy too!

The main event was the lechon, it’s slow cooked pork belly with lemon grass, bay leaves, onions, garlic, salt, pepper and spring onion fillings. Served with either plain rice or adobo rice which was a popular choice. For starters we had street food and the first isaw (grilled pork intestines) in London was served! There were also some Ukoy (shrimp fritters) and inihaw na pak pak (grilled chicken wings glazed banana ketchup). For dessert we had either my homemade mango ice cream or Halu-halo literally means mix mix, it has sweet beans, nata de coco, sweetened young coconut, ube (purple yam) ice cream and leche flan (custard flan), pandan jelly; drenched in evaporated milk and sprinkled with coco pops.

Over all it was a great pop up, I want to say a massive thank you to all my supper guests, my kitchen & floor help and those who supported my events sharing it to their friends. Of course to Thank you to trailer for continuing to support me! One Love peeps!

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