"Flavour Expats" Italy vs Philippines
“Flavour Expats”
Italy vs Philippines

When 2 different and proud food traditions come together, will it be a harmonious match made in foodie heaven? Or an all knives out Battle Royale? One thing’s for sure, it will be not just doubly, but exponentially delicious.

Whether it’s a cuisine borne of generations of inter-mingling, or an explosive first meeting and eating of 2 cultures, you’re going to love these supperclub and popup mashups where you get to feast on the craft of 2 chefs for the price of 1!

Mae is a professional chef who has been cooking for all her life. Her dedication to Filipino classics has been inherited by her father, Pepe. When Pepe passed away Mae decided to celebrate hid father by bringing to London his original recipes and teachings. This is how Pepe’s Kitchen was born. Over time, Mae added her touch to Pepe’s traditional dishes and today she is considered one of the ambassadors of yet to be discovered Filipino Cuisine, on of the most multi-ethnic in the world.

Lucia is a self-trained cook. As a matter of fact is Nonna’s trained chef. Born and bred in England, Lucia has Southern Italian blood running in her family since generations. Her food memoried are quite different from the average English girl and all about her two Nonnas coming over from Italy and cooking extraordinary meals packed with flavour. All she learnt about cooking she owes to them, from stretching pasta dough to making the perfect semifreddo. Over the years, she mastered the art of Nonna’s cuisine and opened the Seventh floor Supperclub, a celebration of nostalgic Italian cuisine. This is something you will only find back in time in small Italian villages, edible joy. Bring some caffè con dolcetti please!


Complimentary glass of Prosecco offered by BackDoor Kitchen

Starter – SHELLFISH!

ITALY: Spaghetti con le vongole, cozze e rucola – This is a tremendously delicious classic from Southern Italy.

Pasta with fresh tender clams, mussels, garlic, white wine, parsley and rocket. You will the sea in your mouth and a bit of nice Italian white 😉

PHILIPPINES: Ginataan na tahong – Mussels cooked in coconut milk with turmeric and baby leeks.

A popular dish from the Filipino province Mae is from, sually made with river cat fish but this time mussels have the leading role with their meaty flavour which gives a new dimension to this classic. 

Main – Lucullian feast…

ITALY: Calzone ripieni – Oven baked pizza pouches filled two ways: endive, anchovy and Buffalo Mozzarella & Ricotta cheese, parsley and slow roasted garlic. firm house favourite of mine and the most traditional yet forgotten alternative to overly trendy pizza. Served with Melanzane Spaccate- aubergines slowly braised with capers, tomatoes, olives and herbs. Buy 1 get 2, as they say!

PHILIPPINES: Bisayan Humba – Braised pork belly in soy and vinegar with sugar black beans and star anise cooked until soft. A rather exotic name for a classic originating from the Southern part of the Philippines particularly in the Visayan region where wise people obviously must live.



A That’s Amore nostalgic indulgent God knows what will be Italian dessert followed by a Filipino surprise. Never tasted Filipino sweets? You better hurry!


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