Kamayan Filipino Feast

pepeskamayanKamayan is back! After a great start back in March I wanted to do this dinner again. Kamayan simply means ‘hands’, Filipinos loves eating with their hands (usually at home). They say you taste the food better maybe because you feel the texture as well as taste it. It’s a great way get the Filipino vibe. If you haven’t tried Filipino food before and you love food & you’re not afraid to get dirty come join us! Enjoy Filipino food, meet other foodies and experience the culture. Who knows I might bring out the Karaoke at the end!

How does it work? Simple! you come in, have your complementary cocktail, take a seat and then watch while we assemble all the food on the table ready for you to eat! All the food is serve at once apart from the dessert.

Inihaw na Tilapia – Grilled tilapia marinated in lemos grass and herbs

Lechon Kawali – 2 way cooked pork, boiled and fried served with spiced vinegar

Adobo na pakpak – Chicken wings stewed in vinegar and soy sauce with bay leaves

Longanisa – Filipino cured sausages fried until caramelised

Ginisang Hipon sa asuate – stir fried prawns in asuete oil with garlic

Inihaw na Manok – Grilled chicken Ilonggo style! Marinade in soy, cane vinegar, lemongrass, 7up, and garlic

Tortang Talong – Baked Aubergine omelette

Sinigang na baboy – Tamarind & pork soup with taro, beans, water spinach and okra

Springrolls – Deep fried mixed vegetable springrolls served sweet chilli sauce

Rice – boiled jasmine fluffy white rice

Buko pie – coconut pie to finish off the feast!

(**Please let us know if you or your guest have any food allergies. This is BYOB event. Price is £27+£3 booking fee. Sorry this event don’t have a vegetarian alternative**) You may book a private Kamayan with us at your preferred date, please email info@pepes-kitchen.co.uk

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