Summing up the Holidays

Roast Duck with honey bacon

Merry Christmas Pepe's KitchenYou know what they say “better late than never”, I really wanted to share what I was up to during the Christmas holidays and New Years eve. I’ve been meaning to write a post but as we all start to go back to work or school we are busy again. I’m not really sure how other people can post so easily and so quickly! Maybe having 2 kids running around me delay what I’m meaning to do.

As tradition in our home Christmas eve is always Filipino food feast. I made Kare Kare, it’s an oxtail peanut stew accompanied with alamang (fragmented shrimp paste (I just realised I must really love this dish as I cook it a lot!)), pork lumpia (spring rolls) with spiced vinegar & sweet and sour dips, vegetable pancit (noodles), BBQ ribs (this was from waitrose), mulled wine (readymade from waitrose) but we added some satsumas, nutmeg and extra spices! Dinner was lovely and for desert we had tiramisu and cheesecake my daughter Bella’s favorite. Then we had crackers, grapes and cheeseboard.

Pork Lumpia

[Pork Lumpia with spiced vinegar and swee & sour dips]

Vegetarian Pancit (Noodles)

[ Vegetarian Pancit (Noodles)










Christmas morning came, kids are very excited to open their presents (actually it’s meeeh!) but before that ate our breakfast. So full English breakfast was served..yummy! There’s nothing better that opening presents with a full stomach. Another thing I love about the holidays is that even though we all stress over food and being organised there is still that sense of comfort and relaxation. We don’t have to be anywhere but home & family and everyone knows that.

Presents out of the way, gift wrappers in the bin and more lazing around in our pajamas we soon started preparing the main Christmas dinner. I prepared the duck and hubby & his brother prepared the vegetables (called them my minions for the afternoon).


[Bacon, brown sugar & Honey JD brohter in law’s experiment]

[ Duck was cooking for 1hr added the weave of bacon ]

Roast Duck with honey bacon

[ Roast Duck with HoneyJD  bacon weave]







Look how fab the duck look with it’s bacon weave as my brother in law called it. Hubby and brother in law did an amazing job too with the vegetable…peeling and chopping that it! For the roast vegetable I added mixed herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper. For the potatoes I parboiled it while the goose fat heated in the oven and for the extra stuffing I thought it would be great to deep fry it for a change. Must say it was a hit!

roast vegetables

[roast vegetable]

roast potato

[roast potatoes roated in goose fat]

deep fried sage and onion staffing

[deep fried sage and onion stuffing]








And for deserts…I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t make any of them. I know..I know I run out of time and kids where off school and after a day they drove me crazy 0.o I did however arranged them well.


[minced pies and chocs]

[Cheese cake]








Overall we had an amazing holidays, ate well, slept well and laughed well! I hope you enjoyed your holidays with family and friends. Apologies for the quality of the photos and I know some are missing. Don’t worry I will try and put some more photos next time. Thank you for reading my blog! Maraming Salamat!

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