The End of 2013

857444_10151691112446783_1743783564_oWow the New Year came too soon! Happy New Year everyone!  To be honest, I’m not really ready for the new year to start as I still have plenty to do before 2014. However, as life goes on we can’t stop time.

Before Christmas, Philippines hit the global news because of the super typhoon Haiyan, locally known as Yolanda. It devastated many parts of the Visayan region. This was a scary moment for us too here in UK as we fear for our relatives back home, especially as most of my mother’s family are from that region. Her brother and sisters and their families evacuated their homes. On the friday UK time, when the super typhoon hit the Philippines we were already glued all the news on the TV regarding the typhoon. After the typhoon hit the Philippines we couldn’t contact our relatives for 4 days and we were so worried especially seeing the news and the damage it caused. People didn’t have food, shelter and a safe place to rest. Rescue was so slow and the people were hungry! I was contacted by SkyNews to go on TV and talk about my relatives and what the Filipino Community are doing in the UK to help my ‘kabayan’ (people) back home. Tacloban was one of the places that was hit really badly, when we go to my mother’s side to visit my families there, we land in Tacloban airport, before taking a 2 hour drive to Baybay, Leyte. Seeing the airport and the city next to nothing was very upsetting for me and my family. It’s a thriving City with lots of happy people. Luckily my family in Baybay City were fine, they only suffered the strong winds and was spared from the water surge even though they were next to the coast.


Myself and my husband are part of a non for profit organisation called Philippine Generations we were constantly thinking of ways to raise money and how we can get theFilipino community involved. I on the other hand had a supperclub set up already and scheduled for 2 weeks after the typhoon so I turned it into a fundraising event instead. It was a successful dinner, my guests enjoyed their food and was happy that they could help the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Many thanks to you all for attending and to my mum who helped me during the dinner. All their donations went to #GiveABanca (give a boat) for the livelihood programme in the northern remote part of Cebu who were also damaged badly in the typhoon. The people who live there are mostly fishermen and rely on the sea for food and living. Their boats were destroyed by the strong wind and waves. This livelihood will just help them stand on their feet again

1468614_10100757194488340_1063981830_nDuring this time I contacted my friends and other Filipino supperclub chefs who wanted to do a pop up supperclub to raise more funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We wanted a bigger event to raise more money; there were 6 chefs, 8 courses, 1 venue and 4o guests! This was the cook off of the year! Philippine Generations, Kristian Cabuay, Mappet and a few other artists donated some art for the auction. We also sold some #UKSupportPH T-shirts to add to the pot.

binx156 attended Typhoon Haiyan Relief Pop-up Restaurant in December 2013, reviewed on 3 December 2013 (on edible experiences)

“This was really an evening to remember! Organised beautifully, the event featured absolutely gorgeous Filipino food and an array of hardworking folk really keen on helping the Philippines. It was truly spectacular.”

All the chefs did an amazing job and they truly deserved a round of applause!

Mae of Pepe’s Kitchen (Filipino supper club and caterer www.pepes-kitchen.co.uk)
Omar of Bintang Restaurant (pan-Asian restaurant www.bintangrestaurant.co.uk)
Mike and Mark of The Adobros (Filipino supper club www.theadobros.com)
Federico of Fooderico (avid foodie and blogger www.fooderico.com)
Maryanne of MERienda_ldn (budding merienda chef www.twitter.com/Merienda_ldn)
James Jennings (keen foodie)

This would not have been able to happen without all the people who chipped in,1466066_10151790609952499_1778330652_n including: Salvador and Amanda, who graciously gave us their kitchen, restaurant space and bartender for the night; Sam Jennings, who set up all of the links with VSO Bahaginan; Nigel Carlos, who put us in touch with the right people and publicised the event; our waitresses (Casey, Nicole and Linda), who gave up their evening to help serve; Sam and Mapet, who performed front-of-house duties admirably and designed and made all of the beautiful table decorations, menus and posters; Adrian who sold food at the bar; Tom, who heroically took on most of the washing up duties and Evian Cafun, who seemed to have a lot of fun taking photos and making films. See the short film here: Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser- Philippine SupperClub Showdown … Of course a massive love to all the guests for coming and attending the event. We raised over £3,000 then and now it’s over £4000 already! Maraming Salamat po! Thank you very much! Where did the money go? See here!

How can I forget, Many thanks also to all the countries who donated supplies, money, equipments and deploying people to help the victims of the typhoon.

I have to say the work don’t stop there, it will take years to rebuild the Cities that was damaged by Typhoon Haiyan and lives destroyed. If you want to continue to help the people of Visaya there are plenty of organisations in the Philippines who are doing a fabulous job rebuilding, rehabilitating and helping the survivors of the typhoon on the ground.

Christmas was not the same for us here in the UK but as a nation of survivors we continue to live and smile.

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