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Cooking Classes with Year 9 Students

Cooking with Pepe's Kitchen

This is our second year teaching Year 9 Students of St Thomas More School in Chelsea, for their Philippine Day. They have a diverse mix of nationalities and they have a high number of Filipino students.  Philippine Generations did a fab job organising the Philippine day in School with Parol (Xmas lantern) making, Hybrid FMA teaching Eskrima (also known as Kali) and getting PK providing the cooking class. 

Last year went swimmingly, this year we didn’t change the dishes much because it worked well timing wise and it’s easy for the children to follow. We only changed Palitaw (sweet glutinous cakes with coconut & sugar) to Turon.

Here is what we made:

Lumpia (vegetarian spring rolls)

Pancit na Manok (Chicken Noodles)

Turon (Deep fried plantain & jackfruit wrapped in spring roll wrapper).

They students did very well, they were so keen to make the dishes and enjoy eating them afterwards. When they finished cooking their dish you have to be quick if you want to taste the food because it went in a flash! The teachers also got involved in the cooking, assisting the children and tasting the dishes they made. Many of the students and teachers asked for recipes this year which is good, they can cook Filipino food for their friends and families. I’m happy to pass on the knowledge to the younger generations. I even got to talk about my business; my catering company, supperclub & pop ups and cooking classes. I hope I inspired them to do better in school and follow their dreams.

This year we added the ‘post it’ notes for the students to write their thoughts, comments or suggestions and post it on the board for us to collect at the end of each lesson. I love this idea, I will use this for my next lesson as it’s visual and also fun! Who wouldn’t like posting post it notes?! I love this years students comments, here’e one:

“The food was amazing, it was mind blowing and easy to cook -Bradley”


It was such a nice day, if Philippine Generations ask PK to do the cooking classes next year we will say yes again!

Thank you St Thomas More school for having a Philippine Day and thank you Philippine Generations for organising the event. I wish other schools in London would provide a Philippine day for their students too!

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