Filipino Supperclub London

Experience the Philippine Islands through food in a central location in London! 

Taste an authentic  and homely Filipino food from regional dishes to street food. I run a monthly supper club, usually towards the end of the month on a Saturday. I serve a few course meal with a welcome cocktail in an informal dinning experience and bring your own booze (BYOB).

Filipino food has a strong connection with its history, it’s a melting pot of different influences from Spain, U.S., as well as Malay, Austro-nesian and Indo-Chinese adding to it own indigenous culture.

Food is a social glue in the Philippines, binding people together during mealtimes, merienda (snack time) and the numerous fiestas throughout the year. No social gathering is complete if there is no food on the table, and so many great stories are made and shared in this context. Kamayan roughly translates as two things: primarily, eating with your bare hands and secondarily, shaking hands. For those who are wondering “What is Filipino food?”

***NEW DATES!***

Sunday Lunch £35/p

30 July at 1:30pm Boodle Fight: Hands Only!

Boodle fight is a Philippine military term for mess hall eating. Banana leaves are used as covering for any surface that can be used as a table. Food is laid out in piles and soldiers, officers and enlisted men alike eat together as a sign of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality.
It’s an exciting Menu mixed with popular Filipino dishes and Maranao food from Mindanao, south of Philippines. Mindanao is probably the most unexplored part of the country and it’s something that really interest me especially their food. I would like to share this with you too!
I’m hosting this event in my home, it’s an easy to get to dining room in central London with a fantastic views of London.
My events are fun, exciting and educational. You will meet likeminded people and foodies who are also interested in learning about Philippines. I always and give facts about the dishes I serve and sometimes a joke about them. Most diners love it!

**BOOK early as we have limited seats.**


Location: A secret yet surprisingly easy-to-reach living/dining room Marylebone area for Supper Clubs and Pop Up restaurants venues in London.

How to book? Option 1. Follow the link by clicking on ‘Book Here’ to ‘Book Here’ OR  Option 2. To book a place, please email Mae at with the number of guests. Once your booking is acknowledged, please confirm by paying a deposit of £/pp (details to be provided) and the remaining is paid in cash so don’t forget to bring cash on the night. Please inform us if you or your guest have any food allergies/food restrictions. Whilst we really do hope that you don’t (as it will break our hearts), cancelling without penalty can be done up to 48 hours before the event, and can be done at the loss of your deposit afterwards. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to Filipino food. Mabuhay! Kumain ka na?

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