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Pepe’s kitchen was asked to teach year 9 students at St Thomas More in Sloane Square as part of their event on the day for their Philippine Day. It was run by Philippine Generations a non for profit organisation based in London. On the day they also provided Filipino dance classes, Eskrima slasses (Filipino martial arts) and Arts & Crafts making Parol or lantern.

So much thought have gone into to this cooking classes, I know children will be different to teach than adults. I have 1 hour each class and approx about 16-18 students each lesson. How can I teach 13/14 year olds how to cook Filipino food in 1 hour? Firstly I thought of what we can cook in a n hour. Secondly I thought of the ingredients and tasks and lastly health & safety.


After much consideration I came up with 3 different recipes, Lumpia, Pancit and Palitaw. All can be made in an hour especially if each child had a task to do. I wrote a simple and easy to follow recipes with ingredients.

On the day I had 4 lessons and in each class I started to introduce myself and my assistant Briony (who I kept on making mistakes in pronouncing her name, sorry!) then swiftly moving to the Health and Safety in the Kitchen. Then I divided them into 3 groups of which the 1st group cooked Lumpia (spring roll), the 2nd group cooked Pancit (noodles) and 3rd group cooked the Palitaw (sweet boiled rice dough). All the students went to collect their ingredients independently, measured them and weighed them. Each team leaders allocated roles for their members and made sure they all stick to their roles. This was a really good tactic (pat on the back for me). It meant they all had work to do and cooking was quicker. Soon after prep they all started to cook and just before the bell went they all tasted their food. They were happy to leave the food tech room and off they went to a different class.

I over heard one of the student saying this to his classmate:

“this is much better than the food tech we do in school!”

I was so happy to hear that, it was nice to hear that they are enjoying the classes. I felt relieved as I was so worried that they might not like it. Some of the teachers also joined in and helped out with cooking and tasting too!

DSC_0283This was an interesting experience for me as this is my first time teaching children how to cook. I sometimes lose patience when I’m cooking with my children and they are 4 and 6 years old. But to think maybe secondary students are probably not that bad. We never know this could be an new thing for Pepe’s Kitchen.

St Thomas More is a lovely school to work with, the staff was fantastic and helped a lot especially the Food tech technician and teacher.

Many thanks to Philippine Generations for thinking of us and we hope to work with you again in the future. Maraming Salamat po!

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