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Cooking for Philippine Generations


~Me cooking the Starters~

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I know this is a late post. As you can imagine it’s been a busy season for all of us!

It’s an honour to have cooked for a fantastic organisation called Philippine Generations they are a non-for profit organisation and are made up of volunteers. They do a lot of work teaching and making awareness about the Philippines and it’s culture. They do Filipino Language classes, Traditional Lantern making workshops and Philippine Independence Day Football Tournament to name a few. Cooking Filipino Food for them is a challenge, most of the volunteers are Filipinos so they know what to expect and can be a tough critics! Thankfully they loved the twists I made with the dishes and it worked!

The dinner was held at one of the volunteer’s house in New Cross. I love the kitchen as you can see from photos it’s ideal for a foodie like me!!

For starters there was homemade fish balls, kwek kwek (quails eggs boiled and deepfried with beer batter) and Filipino pork bbq. I chose to cook Philippine street food starters because it is a perfect introduction to Filipino food and also small enough before the mains.  For Mains I cooked Rellenong Manok (chicken) and Rellenong Bangus (milk fish) stuffed with Embutido (Filipino sausage meat). Although the dinner was mostly Filipino dishes there was also a hint of Englishness to it. We had roast vegetables, carrots, potatoes, parsnips and of course some gravy! We are in England after all.  Last but not the least for Desert they had some Buko pie (Coconut pie) with cinnamon custard and cream. I also made some Tsokola-te  (hot chocolate) with rum. Here is the menu for the night with some description: PGChristmasMenu2012

~This is me plating up the starters, I was so nervous! Even though I know them I still feel the pressure as there are certain standards that I have to meet.~

Every time I visit the Philippines I always buy some snacks or merienda in the afternoon, it could be sweets or savoury from the street vendors. My favourite is pork bbq and isaw (chicken intestine) then you dipped it on sweet chili. The starter for this dinner is my take on Philippine street food but more suitable to  the British tongue. I also made some homemade sauces that went with the starters. Sweet Chilli, Spiced Vinegar and Sweet & Sour sauce.

~Rellenong Manok (stuffed chicken) stuffed with Embutido (Filipino sausage meat) Relleno basically means stuffed meat, the word came from the Spanish influence.~

~Rellenong Bangus (stuffed chicken) stuffed with Embutido (Filipino sausage meat)~

I love cooking Relleno, this style of cooking is so flexible, you can use chicken, fish, squid or turkey if you like and I’m pretty sure you can do this with pork, lamb or beef too! The Chicken is deboned so you can slice the chicken all the way through even the thighs and drumsticks don’t have any bones! Isn’t that amazing?!


 ~Me cutting the buko pie (cococnut pie) very gently as the pastry is so crumbly (good pie!) ~

Buko pie is one of my favorite to cook and eat, I know when I made the perfect pie is when it crumbles so easily and the middle bit is nice and moist…yummm thinking about it makes me want to have some! This is popular in the South of Manila around Quezon province

I hope the volunteers enjoyed the food, I certainly enjoyed preparing and cooking them! Once again thank you for the opportunity to cook for your volunteers. Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay Kayo!


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