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EAT Philippines Supperclub – Visayas

Ati Atihan Festival in Cebu. #EATPhilippines Supperclub

Ati Atihan Festival in Cebu. #EATPhilippines Supperclub

We are hosting a series of Supperclubs every month from September, serving regional dishes from the 3 main islands in the Philippines; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each island has their own regional specialities. The first of three we hosted “Luzon”, we served dishes from the northern part of the Philippines. Dishes like deep fried Vigan Empanadas made from rice dough with green papaya, longganisa  and egg fillings. This is a popular street food in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. On 25th October we are hosting the second part of the series “Visayas” supperclub, serving dishes from this region (see menu & how to book below).

In this supperclub series you can enjoy a traditional Philippine cuisine, from all over the country without flying to the Philippines and each island! If you love Filipino food this is a great way to try even more dishes that you may have not tried before and if you haven’t tried Filipino food before this is a great introduction to the cuisine.

VISAYAS  |  Saturday  |  25 October  |  7pm   |  £28/p   |   Central London Location



The Visayas region consists of smaller islands surrounded with water; fish is their staple food. This dish is humble yet a very tasty dish that complements the whole region. Fresh tuna with coconut milk, ginger, onions, tomatoes and calamansi or calamondin


A Favourite fast food in Baybay, Leyte cooked by the sea in Pantalan or dock. Grilled Chicken marinade overnight in soy & citrus served sawsawan (dipping sauce) and homemade atchara (pickled green papaya)


A Cebuanos delicacy side by side with Lechon. This dish is rich, soft and fragrant. Braised pork belly in soy, vinegar, palm sugar, fermented black been, bay leaves and star anise, served with mango salsa and rice

Suman at Latik

Bohol’s popular quick sugar fix! Steamed sweet glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, drizzled coconut caramel & chocolate sauce and sprinkled with burnt coconuts

*ingredients are subject to change depending on availability*

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