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Simple Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

*DAY 3 Christmas countdown*


We can all agree that Christmas is an expensive season. If you are like me who is always looking to save anywhere I can then this is for you!

If you’re Filipino you can relate to this. All year around I collect and recycle lots of things, hoping that I will use them one day. I have a collection of jars (jam jars and different shapes jars), milk bottle tops, beer tops, ribbons, take away boxes, gift wrappers to mention some. I also kept some baubles that I didn’t want to display on my Christmas tree anymore. I’m planning on using them to make a modern wreath with my girls. I will show you we made it so keep checking our site for this.

Today I’m preparing a table for a private supperclub. I wanted the table to look Christmassy but won’t cost me an arm and a leg! So those jar, ribbons and wrapping paper came in handy. Here are some ideas to create a lovely table. If you love recycling you love this!


1. Table cloth: The first thing I would do is think about the theme of the table. I love red so there’s always red somewhere on the table. For me this is useful as I can recycle many of my things for every occasion.

I usually use my white table cloth and a red runner for my supperclub but as months went by it all have stains and it doesn’t look very nice anymore.

I found a good table cloth that feels like linen and looks great. It cost £3 for 120cm x 180cm from Waitrose it’s good for a table that seats 4-6 people. Of course if you don’t hold as many dinners as me do invest in a really pretty cloth OR if you’re like me, I usually wait for the sales to come and see what they have available.

2. Table runner: I got this idea from my neighbour. Every year during Christmas my floor does Christmas dinner where everyone do 1 thing for example I cook the turkey, no.87 will cook roast vegetables & steamed vegetables and no.90 does the table setting & decorations. He always used wrapping paper and this year our theme is purple (not my fave btw).


Using wrapping paper is so clever because I don’t need to do any washing afterwards! I chose this wrapping paper because it’s simple and the design goes with my garland. I bought my wrapping paper from John Lewis around £2.99 for 3 metres. I measured my table and cut it across. It’s so easy to cut as its has guidelines in the back, for someone who is useless at cutting straight this helped me a lot! Then to use it as a runner I cut it in half, there you go a table runner!

3. The centre piece: Usually I would buy fresh flowers and my favourite flower are roses but sometimes I feel adventurous and buy some white Lilly. If I’m really on a budget I would see if there are flowers in the shop that reduced. There’s nothing wrong with them, obviously don’t buy the horrible looking one. You will find a bunch of flowers for £10 that would go down half price..why not eh!?


My centre piece this year is a pine garland with snow tips that I bought on sale. It was £22 down to £15..bargain! It’s perfect for my table as its not too high just enough for the guests to see each other. And the next day you can decorate it somewhere else too!

5. Candle holders: I’m sure I told you how I love collecting jars, I have jam jars and jars from my halo halo ingredients. Using my recycled jar into candle holders for me is a relieve, I feel I’m helping nature a little bit by re-using the jars. I am aware I’m using quite a but of paper however these are left over wrapping paper from last year. This is so simple and so cute!

imageFor a Filipino effect use left over banana leaves or cuttings from your bibingka!

6. Napkin and Ribbons: I can’t believe how I’m re-using my ribbons, to make the napkins looks the part I tied my ribbons to keep the cutleries inside the napkin and added a glittery stay tag that I got for £1.89 from Debenhams (it was reduced).


This made the whole napkin and theme came together. It’s so simple and it didn’t break the bank, shops usually sell napkin holders that costs £15 for 4! I mean a good looking one…..

7. Confetti and Christmas crackers: Lastly some left over confetti from previous party (or even last Christmas) and crackers to finish the table. The confetti gives the table a different texture and a little sparkle on the table. Of course you can’t forget the crackers for the guests to use and put the hats on. It might be a Filipino house but we are in London. So in keeping with English traditions it’s a must!


I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe use some of my ideas or Recipes. If you do please tag us on social media too! 

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