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How To Make Fluffy Boiled Rice


Rice is a staple food in Asia and in Philippines we have rice all day. My mother Mila would say “it’s ok to run out of meat just as long you have rice in cupboard”.  That always stuck with me; maybe because I came from a humble background, my parents had jobs that just made it enough to live for the day. I remember my mama buying some food in the market, she was very meticulous (she still is today…) on what to buy and making sure its what we need nothing more while saving a little bit of money for tomorrow. My papa was a taxi driver at the time and lived in Parañaque, Manila. After paying the taxi depo the rent for the car, petrol there’s only a little money left to take home.

My mama cooks food and sell it in front of our rented apartment. Neighbours and passersby would buyIMG_20170725_154551 their lunch from her and I remember coming home from school asking her if there are any food left, often it’s all sold out. Which is great but after taking out her costs there’s only a little left for her to keep. My mama and I would then go to the market to buy more food for our dinner but making sure she doesn’t spend all her earnings that day so she can reinvest it for her food stall the next day.

On good day I might have hotdog and rice with ketchup that was my favourite. My parents would have rice & chicken or pork (meat are expensive) and on lesser day we would have fish or vegetables or eggs and rice. But these are still were better days. Many Filipino have had similar struggles in Philippines and abroad. I heard stories from someone I know who lived abroad, their family ate rice & canned ham or rice & sardines or some even had rice & soy sauce because they couldn’t afford to buy anything else. It goes to show how rice kept us going no matter what struggles we might be facing.

Filipinos eat rice morning, lunch and evening (I am guilty of this!). We love rice so much we have them for snacks and cakes! I know this is going to sound so corny but they say “Filipinos are like rice, we stick together like rice!” Haha!!

Here’s a quick and easy method to follow on How To Make a Fluffy Boiled Rice. You can watch the video on Youtube here. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel too! Maraming Salamat! Many thank yous =)

How To Make Fluffy Boiled Rice

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Serves: 5-6 Cooking Time: 40-50 minutes


  • 1kg rice or any amount you need
  • Water



Wash the rice about 2-3 times in a pot, drain it and level the rice evenly.


Add water, measuring it using your middle finger. The tip of your middle finger should be on top of the rice, resting on it slightly and the water should go up to the first line or the first crease of your middle finger. If you add too much water simply pour some away or if you didn’t have enough water simply add more but make sure to level the rice even every time and the water must not go over the first line or crease of your middle finger.


Put the lid on and bring it to boil on hight heat. Once boiling turn it down to medium heat and take the lid off.


Let the water evaporate until you can’t see any water on top of the rice or when it’s slightly dry.


Turn the heat to low, put the lid back on and leave it simmer for 15 minutes or longer if you are making more thank 1kg.


Check the rice, if you are happy turn the heat off, put the lid back on and let it settle for another 10 minutes.


Now it’s ready to serve with your main dish!


This method works with any amount of rice you want to cook.

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