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Longganisa in blankets (pigs in blankets)


wpid-2015-12-15_11-27-37_wm.jpgHere’s a fabulous recipe that you can serve as a canapé, starter or appetiser at any occasions. I first thought of this recipe last year..actually during Christmas. I made it as a starter for my family on Christmas eve and it went down really well!

Longganisa or Longaniza is a variety of sausages from the Philippines. Vigan Longganisa (not vegan but a place called Vigan), this is a herby and tangy sausages popular in Vigan and Ilocos area. Lucban Longganisa is a popular for it’s garlicy flavour and Longganisa Hamonado is the most popular version because of it’s sweet distinct flavour.

                                                  longganisablanket1      longganisablanket

I make homemade longganisa for my family amongst other things, I prefer making my own than buying the ready made longganisa sausages. Since I started looking at what myself and family eat, I learnt how to make shop bought food. This is because I didn’t like the thought of not knowing the ingredients in my food and many I don’t even know like the E’s, flavourings and preservatives. I thought to myself what about real ingredients? Real food? Being food conscious for a few years now I made a lot of changes in what I eat as well as what I serve to people. “sp_recipe”

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