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Salabat (ginger and lemon tea)


Salabat is a traditional tea popular during rainy season, when someone is feeling under the weather and during Noche Buena, a feast after midnight mass on Christmas morning. This traditional tea is simple to make and refreshing.

I remember when I was living in the Philippines, on Christmas eve the food for the feast will be ready on the table for Noche Buena. While waiting to attend the mass as a child we would sleep early and be woken up just before the mass. We would go to the mass and welcome Christmas with everyone, afterwards we would go back to the house for the feast! As we go out of the church, just outside I can see all the food and drink vendors outside selling Bibingka (baked rice cake) and Puto Bumbong (steamed rice cake). There’s also some hot Kape (coffee), tsokolate (chocolate) and Salabat (ginger & lemon tea) for the church goers to have after the mass because the weather is usually cold.

Try this recipe for a refreshing yet warming drink! 

Salabat (ginger and lemon tea)

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  • 300ml water
  • 3 tablespoons sugar or honey
  • 50g-80g ginger piece, peeled, crushed and sliced
  • 1 lemon, sliced



In a saucepan add water and bring to boil on high heat


Add ginger and sugar or honey and stir


Reduce the heat to low, cover the tea and simmer for 15 minutes the tea will darken in colour and more robust in flavour


Turn the heat off, strain ginger or you can leave it if preferred


Serve in a mug with a slice of lemon, add more honey or sugar to taste


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