Tsokolate (hot chocolate)

Here’s a fantastic winter warmer! During Noche Buena in the Philippines many homes prepare a hot chocolate with cocoa tablea and milk or cream. They usually drink Tsocolate after midnight mass because the weather is cooler around Christmas everyone enjoys a hot chocolate with their meal. 


  • 900ml milk or cream
  • 1 (200g) roll tablea cacao
  • 2tbsp sugar
  • 100g ground peanuts (optional)



Grind the tablea using a coffee grinder or use a grater, put it aside for later


Heat milk over medium heat until bubbles begin to form around the edge stir regularly to avoid film layer from forming on top


Mix the tablea and sugar into the the milk stirring continuously until completely dissolved (Add ground peanut at this point)


Place the milk mixture into a jug, twirl using a batidor or whisk for about 2 to 3 minute or until frothy. If using electric frother whisk for about 30 to 40 seconds or until frothy


Best serve hot!

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