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Kape (coffee) Making it the right way

Filipinos loves drinking coffee, it’s the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning “where’s my coffee?”.

Everyone wakes up before me and makes my coffee so as soon as I’m up my coffee is ready. My husband can vouch for that…haha! I’m not a morning person and coffee perks me.

As a gym goer I drink espresso coffee as my pre-workout it’s natural and healthier than the supplements you get from the shop. There are many benefit to drinking coffee before a workout…minus sugar and milk btw. It has fat burning properties which is great if you want to loose a bit of weight, when you drink it before a workout it uses fat as energy and black coffee will increase your metabolism. Drinking coffee will help burn more calories throughout the day, it also act as appetite suppressant. Source: Men’s Fitness

Health on the side coffee is something everyone can share and really enjoy together at any occasion. Even if you are a tea lover, a good hot cuppa is something everyone can enjoy in all culture.

Philippines has a good collection of coffee, we have Arabica from the mountains of Cordillera, Philippine Palm Civet coffee and an exotic variety of Liberica; Barakong Kape from Batangas. We are coffee rich!

I went to visit Muni coffee in London who are an artisan coffee shop mainly serving premium Arabica¬† coffee from Benguet in the Cordillera mountains. Founded by husband and wife, Julian and Jena Krause who are social conscious and source their coffee directly from the farmers in the Philippines. They recently done a kickstarter campaign which was successful and now looking for a space to open their shop. I asked them for some tips on how to brew coffee properly.¬†Here’s what they told me.

Kape (coffee) Making it the right way

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  • For French press rule of thumb:
  • Good quality coffee, grind size: coarse
  • Water, boiled (water ratio to coffee: 15:1 i.e 66g of coffee to 1 litre of water)
  • For Manual Coffee Dripper
  • coffee, grounded
  • water, boiled
  • dripper (makes up to 2)
  • 1 filter



FOR FRENCH PRESS: Add 22 grams of ground coffee to the French press


Pour 300 ml water then stir it with a spoon, wait for 30 sec.


Use spoon to take off the crust at the top (granules)


Gently push down the plunger.


Wait for 5 min to let it infuse.


Pour to cups and enjoy.


FOR DRIPPER: Put the dripper on top of the mug, place filter inside the dripper


Pour some boiled water into the filter wetting it all around then discard the water after


Add a scoop of ground coffee (for 1 mug) or more depending on the size of your dripper


Pour the boiled water gently on a circular motion for the first brew then let the water drip dry


Pour some more boiled water gently into the dripper halfway letting the coffee expand and the water drip down to the mug, add more water if necessary

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